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Qlik Sense SaaS – The data analytics solution for a cloud-first approach

Bridging business and IT has always been a key to succeeding with data analytics. As more companies are taking a cloud-first approach to their technology, that gap is finally sealed. Qlik Sense SaaS is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that provides your business with a scalable best-in-class analytics experience. The platform empowers everyone and anyone in the organization to utilize data and make data-driven decisions making both Qlik Sense and QlikView applications available via the same browser interface. At the same time supporting the IT organization avoiding the fuzz of handling installation or deployment, yet without compromising on performance. Qlik SaaS is BI convenience at your fingertips.

– Why Qlik SaaS? –

Create and consume data analytics apps on Qlik’s hosted cloud

Qlik SaaS is developed to support the shift towards a cloud-first technology approach. With Qlik Sense SaaS you to create, reload and consume your Qlik apps entirely on Qlik’s hosted cloud, Qlik Cloud Services. It can be deployed independently or as part of a multi-cloud deployment available via a single subscription licensing model. The platform is scalable, easy to access, and gives you access to the latest features in Qlik without having to upgrade.

A cloud platform that can be deployed anywhere

Qlik Sense SaaS is an agnostic platform designed that can be deployed on-premise, in one cloud, or across multi-clouds. The architecture is built to support your existing infrastructure and make it possible to continue utilizing the technology you already have in place, regardless if you have a Windows environment today or aim to utilize micro-services technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Three options of deployment:

  1. Entirely on Qlik Cloud Services
  2. In another public cloud such as Google, Amazon or Azure
  3. In your own private cloud solution.

Deploying Qlik Sense on the cloud means you can access real-time data and analytics to get the insights you need to drive your decision-making, while also having greater flexibility and the opportunity to scale at ease. You also have the option to deploy Qlik Sense either on-premise or in your own managed cloud, retaining full control by managing all aspects of deployment including the infrastructure.

 – Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS – 
The premium Cloud BI solution for enterprises

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS is the Cloud BI enterprise solution with multi-deployment options, providing your organisation with high-performing data analytics. But what can you do with it? Here are the key features in summary. You can also check out the video below for a fast overview.

One platform for data analytics combining QlikView and Qlik Sense
One portal for everything analytics? Now you can! Qlik Sense SaaS is built on a micro service-based architecture that makes it possible to host both your Qlik Sense and QlikView applications in the same place. The business users and consume all Qlik apps with one login. You can also link other reports to the platform, enabling users to access all their reports in one portal.

Easy access and creation with a browser-based user interface
The Qlik Sense Hub is the single access point for your users. It is the browser interface where you develop, create, and consume applications and reports. The responsive design and drag and drop features make it easy to create and modify data visualizations and reports depending on the needs of your users. The platform is built on the recent standards HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, to enable to creation and analytics to support users on the device preferred; regardless of it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Utilize data from multiple sources simultaneously with in-memory apps
Users can analyze data from a variety of multiple sources simultaneously without compromising with response time. The Qlik Associative Engine and in-memory data storage enable business users to explore data from sources ranging from Excel to SQL, and big data platforms as Cloudera. How does it work? Qlik SaaS allows significant data compression as each unique entry is stored once in memory, and the relation between data elements are represented as pointers, resulting in more data in RAM ensuring high performance and faster response times.

Get alerts on key changes in your data with conversational analytics
Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS also enables conversational analytics and data alerting. Through integrations with chatting software such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, users can get notifications on important changes to always stay up to date on their data evolves. 

Access on-premises data sources in the cloud
To give you greater flexibility you can add Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS to the same site, which means you can manage and distribute your applications across on-premise or cloud environments from a single platform. You just need to use the Qlik DataTransfer to securely push data from on-premise to Qlik Sense. This can be automated or on-demand.

Runs on Qlik Cloud Services in the region of your choice
Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS runs on Qlik’s hosting platform, known as Qlik Cloud Services. You can choose a region depending on your needs and location. The current options the US for North America, Ireland for Europe, and Australia for Asia/Pacific. 

– Qlik SaaS Pricing – 

Choose between a Business & Enterprise Edition

Qlik Sense SaaS is available under a single subscription licensing model. The platform is available in two editions; Qlik Sense Enterprise (QSE) SaaS and Qlik Sense Business, where the cloud infrastructure is hosted and managed by Qlik. Qlik Sense Business is the cloud solution enabling the business to operationalize data analytics over teams enabling extensive data sharing and collaboration within the organization. Qlik Sense Enterprise is a scalable enterprise solution that can be deployed independently or as part of a multi-cloud solution. Do you have a Qlik Sense Business solution today? You can always upgrade to Qlik Sense Enterprise to get the full Cloud BI experience. Contact us for a pricing estimate!

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