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De expertise, gedrevenheid én creativiteit van onze BI consultants zijn bepalend voor het slagen van projecten, keer op keer. Groot denken en toch met beide benen op de grond blijven staan. Misschien komt dat door onze Twentse nuchterheid, die zit nou eenmaal in ons DNA. Het zorgt er in ieder geval voor dat onze mensen met toewijding gestalte geven aan de BI-reis van je organisatie. De cultuur van Climber is laagdrempelig. Onze mensen staan voor elkaar klaar met raad en daad, voor elk vraagstuk. In combinatie met het internationale karakter van Climber ontstaat een klimaat waarin mensen groeien, elkaar inspireren en motiveren om te gaan voor: the extra mile. We schenken veel aandacht aan het werven van de juiste mensen. Met grote zorg zetten wij de juiste BI consultant in op het juiste project zodat hij volledig potentieel kan laten zien teneinde waarde te creëren voor de business.

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Climber morning yoga with Hilda from @yogaochinrebalans - such a great way to start off a Friday 🙏🧘‍♀️
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The world changes and with it, so do we. Requirements of tools needed to perform our work change as well. In 2015 owning a car was a necessity for our consultants, meeting customers face to face was considered to be a must in order to provide our services. But already in 2018 things had changed and car related questions during recruitment interviews were non-existent. By promoting remote meetings instead of unnecessary travelling we started to do our part - saving time, customers money and most important, causing just a little bit less co2 emissions while doing our thing. This small change of mindset obviously didn't turn the tide. Today due to the pandemic most of us work remote and that has worked out fine. Millions of small things together make a big difference. What kind of baby-steps can we all take to make a change? #greenthinking #lifeatclimber #biconsultant #businessintelligence
Very pleased to introduce our new BI consultant Swedish-American Max Palma Kvissberg. Pre-BI Max used to work as a math’s teacher, so he's smart and possesses some pedagogical skills - but Max also has the rhythm. Working as an Argentine Tango dance teacher Max met his wife and since then he's a family guy, two kids and a dog. The mix of Max's varied skills and competences are a huge asset in finding solutions and he is a master of getting-things-done. A Jack of all trades our Max!

We wish you the warmest of welcomes Max - from all of us at Climber. The Swedish team with Eva Chrona at head are so pleased to have you onboard!

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Every once in a while a @breathenaava wall needs some care so it can take care of us. The one in our Helsinki office is getting a little trim before moving from our kitchen to the consultant’s lair. So when we’re in the office, we’ll get the full effect while working.
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Climber in Motion - Eva Chronas Sverige team hakar på trenden och kör en stegräknar-challenge. Inför starten tog Initiativtagaren och vår ivrigt påhejande Consultant Manager, Ulrika Bäckström Da Silva ett snack med okrönte stegräknar-kungen Edward Hallgren - som normalt snittar 15k steg / dag! Hur lyckas man?

Här delar Edward med sig av sina bästa tips:

· Sätt ett mål att vara ute och promenera minst 2 ggr per dag.
· Få bonussteg genom att ta omvägar. Det kan handla om att ta en annan väg till affären eller gå av en tidigare station.
· Hitta njutningen med att gå! Lyssna på musik eller någon bra podcast, eller bara njut av det fina vädret.
· Dåligt väder är aldrig en ursäkt (som ni ser)!

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Twin Peaks obsessed, multiple marathon runner (no less than 38 times!), Qlik-aholic Christian Lagerstedt is back! We got him hooked when he was with us the first time round in 2008. He's stuck with Qlik since then, although hopped around at different Qlik partners during the last 13 years gathering experience. Now he's finally come to his senses. Answering the question why Climber feels like home, Christian says "Climber as a company has always been in the forefront, constantly evolving, focusing on employees skill development - which is something I appreciate!" So welcome back Christian, from all of us in Eva Chrona's Swedish team!

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It's Shrove Tuesday - #Fettisdagen - and as always we're spoiled to bits by @ett_bageri at the Stockholm office. They have T H E best "semlor" ever! We have a limited amount of seats at the office due to covid19 restrictions, all of them taken today though. Best dig in then!

Proud to introduce our new Head of Climber Academy and Senior Consultant at the Helsinki office Mikko Jyrkiäinen - a firm believer that data can change the world, but people can too - what better than combine them? It's a no-brainer that data literacy and leading with data are among his main work drivers. Mikko loves a challenge, problem solving and new opportunities to expand his skills. This easygoing guy is an ice hockey geek - the whole family plays - and if there's time over from the hockey he enjoys a game of padel or Pipolätka which is hockey too but on a frozen pond. To take his mind of these trying times Mikko plays the guitar, they're such a musical bunch our Finns. We'd all like to wish Mikko the warmest of welcomes to Kauko Metsähovi's Finnish team. So pleased to have Mikko on-board!
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Climber is in 2007 opgericht in Stockholm door Jan Sipek en Michael Nordström. Vandaag zijn we Europa’s grootste Qlik partner met meer dan 100 medewerkers verdeeld over zes kantoren in Stockholm, Malmö, Londen, Kopenhagen, Helsinki en Hengelo. Je maakt deel uit van het Nederlandse team van mensen, die stuk voor stuk met toewijding werken aan uiteenlopende BI-projecten in de Benelux in verschillende branches. Elke BI consultant heeft dezelfde missie: creating intelligent business.