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De expertise, gedrevenheid én creativiteit van onze BI consultants zijn bepalend voor het slagen van projecten, keer op keer. Groot denken en toch met beide benen op de grond blijven staan. Misschien komt dat door onze Twentse nuchterheid, die zit nou eenmaal in ons DNA. Het zorgt er in ieder geval voor dat onze mensen met toewijding gestalte geven aan de BI-reis van je organisatie. De cultuur van Climber is laagdrempelig. Onze mensen staan voor elkaar klaar met raad en daad, voor elk vraagstuk. In combinatie met het internationale karakter van Climber ontstaat een klimaat waarin mensen groeien, elkaar inspireren en motiveren om te gaan voor: the extra mile. We schenken veel aandacht aan het werven van de juiste mensen. Met grote zorg zetten wij de juiste BI consultant in op het juiste project zodat hij volledig potentieel kan laten zien teneinde waarde te creëren voor de business.

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WOW 🤩 Christmas Magic 🪄 at the office! How cosy? All set up by Santa’s little helpers - our fabulous consultants 💫

Very well organised @smokeandlipsticks 💜

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Introducing Maria Cebbar, BI Consultant in Eva Chrona's Swedish Team. Maria started off working with us on a temporary position covering up for our financial accountant. As she previously had worked as a Business Controller with system ownership of QlikView for 8 years she was the perfect fit for us. After twenty years in finance Maria wanted to try another path so why not carry on with Climber and give life as a BI consultant a try? Having vast experience of being on the customer side prior to working at Climber, Maria has great understanding of what customers need and want - which of course is reassuring for them and a fab quality for a BI consultant. She is very appreciated for being a good listener both at work and in private. Maria is meticulous, loyal, has high standards and doesn't give up easily, but is also humble and always does her best to learn.
When questioned why she chose to climb with us, Maria says: I was recommended to apply to Climber. During our first meeting I immediately felt that Climber genuinely cares and invests in their employees - which I still feel. Climber is clearly the best employer I've had.
Thanks for those kind words and the warmest of welcomes to you, Maria, from all at Climber!
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Say Hi to Molly our latest addition to the office dog squad - such a super star 💫 14 weeks old and walking around like she owns the place 👑

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Time for a break! Some of us have a go at FIFA ⚽️🎮 and others just have a lie down. 🐾

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Just about 4 months left until Stafettvasan! Whilst waiting for the snow @omalmstrom, @ullidasilva and @malinkristinasvensson keep practicing on (life-threatening) roller skis… 💪🏻

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Very happy to welcome Senior BI consultant Michael Hed to Eva Chrona's Swedish team. For the last 10 years Michael has worked with BI / Analytics and Qlik, prior to that he’s had titles such as Controller and worked with Project Management within system development.
Michael has vast experience of handling all parts in a Qlik project - from the architecture and data modeling to structured writing of advanced code and designing the user interface - in close collaboration with the customer and usually managing the project. He enjoys building apps that support the end users in the best way possible, making use of his logical side, building technical solutions with a good structure.
When asked why he chose to climb with us, Michael answered: As market leading in working with Qlik Climber felt like the natural choice for me. Also the fact that there is a solid technical breadth and depth within this nice, rather big organisation, and a critical mass that allows us to be really sharp.
When Michael has spare time and the weather is with him, he enjoys windsurfing. "It's just awesome to move like an express train over the water - solely driven by the wind"

Warmest of welcomes to you Michael - from all at Climber!

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Training day (mandatory pizza 🍕 included) on the topic Qlik Cloud for the Finnish team! 

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Climber is in 2007 opgericht in Stockholm door Jan Sipek en Michael Nordström. Vandaag zijn we Europa’s grootste Qlik partner met meer dan 80 medewerkers verdeeld over zes kantoren in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki en Hengelo. Je maakt deel uit van het Nederlandse team van mensen, die stuk voor stuk met toewijding werken aan uiteenlopende BI-projecten in de Benelux in verschillende branches. Elke BI consultant heeft dezelfde missie: Creating intelligent business.