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Climber Blog - Qlik & Talend 4 in 3 Gartner Magic Quadrants


Qlik & Talend now Leaders in three Gartner Magic Quadrants

When Qlik acquired Talend, they talked about the unique position of being represented as Leaders in three Gartner Magic Quadrants in the data space. Now that has improved even more as they are the only company named four times as Leaders by Gartner in three different quadrants.
How is that even possible?

The three quadrants are Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, Data Quality Solutions, and now the updated quadrant for Data Integration Tools.

Qlik has for a long time been a Leader in the MQ for Analytics and BI, and with Talend they acquired a product suite that is a Leader in both the MQ for Data Quality Solutions and the MQ for Data Integration Tools. At the same time, Qlik’s products for Data Integration have improved in rating from a Challenger to a Leader, hence four dots in three quadrants.

Climber Blog - Qlik & Talend in Gartner Magic Quadrants

If you are unfamiliar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, this is how it works.

What are the key takeaways of Qlik and Talend in the MQ for Data Integration?

Some of the strengths that Gartner mentions are:

  • Together, the two will be one of the top five in terms of market share and “will offer a complete set of capabilities”.
  • Qlik Replicate is highly rated for its ease of use and performance with its CDC data replication.
  • Qlik Compose automation capabilities for augmented data integration and the investments in GenAI capabilities promise a lot for self-service data preparation.
  • Talend Data Fabric platform (including Talend Studio, Stitch, Talend Big Data, Management Console, API Services, Data Inventory, Pipeline Designer, Data Preparation, and Data Stewardship) offers a rich set of capabilities for the various roles across the organisation.
  • The integration of Data Quality and Governance capabilities with the Talend “trust score” and semantic-based data quality available across the products of the suite.
  • The cloud-agnostic capabilities make it a technology of choice for those with hybrid or multi cloud deployment.

What are the cautions then?

  • The biggest caution is the acquisition itself, what will happen to the existing products and the overlapping functionalities.

Qlik has a history of keeping products alive and respecting their current user base, which was confirmed at the latest meetings I had with the Product Managers. In the meantime, there is a lot of action going on, integrating the different capabilities.

Next year, I think there will only be one Qlik dot in the MQ for Data Integration Tools, “Qlik Talend”. A product suite that combines the strengths from all tools into one offering:

  • Replicate and Talend for CDC
  • Stitch for Cloud-to-Cloud integration
  • Talend Studio, Pipeline Designer, and Data preparation for creating data pipelines with a built-in Data Quality process with Data Stewardship
  • API services for creating APIs for other tools to integrate
  • Qlik Cloud for Data Warehouse Automation
  • Data Catalog with Data Lineage throughout the process
  • Qlik Sense for analytics on top of the data

All this fully open to integrate with any other tool on the market and fully cloud agnostic.

Could it get any better?

Climber BI Manager - Qlik Partner Ambassador - Olof Malmström


Business Intelligence Manager at Climber

Olof Malmström has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management, and has worked as a Business Consultant and Project Manager for various industries such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Finance. Olof is passionate about how information technology can be used to analyse and optimise the processes and work organisation. He is also a certified Vizlib Legends Gen II and Qlik Partner Ambassador, which demonstrates his proficiency and recognition in data visualisation and analytics.


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