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Qlik expands its capabilities within Predictive Analytics


Qlik has announced the acquisition of Big Squid, a machine learning platform provider offering no-code automated Machine Learning. Read Climber BI Manager Daniel Häggroth’s reflections about the acquisition and the future for AI and Predictive Analytics.

Last Thursday, 30th September 2021, Qlik announced the acquisition of Big Squid, a machine learning platform provider offering no-code automated Machine Learning (AutoML).

This is a very welcome addition to the Qlik portfolio, and we’re eager to hear more about Qlik’s plans for integrating and promoting predictive analytics within the Qlik ecosystem.

“Data and analytics teams know there’s incredible untapped potential to use data to predict and plan what will happen. What they lack is the resources and modeling expertise to discover and deliver the insights that fuel those efforts,” says Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, about the acquisition.

AI Readiness Survey Findings

This reflects what we hear from our customers. In November 2020 we performed Climber’s “AI Readiness Survey for BI” that we sent to our customers asking about their readiness of implementing AI and Predictive Analytics.

The highlights of the study were that:

  • 73% see benefits of implementing AI for data analysis
  • 65% could create a business case for AI today
  • 63% consider that top management is positive to an AI implementation
    – BUT –
  • Only 33% have the skills, tools, or technical resources to implement AI today

In recent years, Qlik has taken big steps, both through development and acquisitions, in creating a platform for data integration, preparation, catalogue, analytics, and actions. We hope that the Big Squid acquisition will help bridge this gap between BI and AI (Descriptive and Predictive Analytics) and help Qlik users create Predictive Insights.

Want to know more?

Read about the acquisition and Qlik’s vision of machine learning in the press release here. If you want to learn more about how to get started with AI and predictive analytics, reach out to us today!


/Daniel Häggroth, BI Manager, Climber

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